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    Puerh is a very popular both in other area of the whole world along with China. It's created from precisely the same plant Camellia sinensis. Yet different processes result in various levels of oxidation. Puerh tea's oxidation ranges from 10% to 70%, somewhere between green tea and black tea. Puerh is very close to green tea in flavor. Most of time it is brewed to be strong with the animosity. It can be enjoyed hot or cold. It makes a delightful and sweet aftertaste for the tea drinkers.
    Puerh tea has substantially higher content of polyphenolic compounds when compared with green tea and black tea on account of its unique semi-fermented process mentioned previously.
    The trick behind here is the truth that polyphenol activates the enzyme that's responsible for dissolving triglyceride. Many clinical studies and lab experiments have affirmed the continuous consumption of Puerh tea substantially enhances the function of fat metabolism and controlling obesity. Some statistics show that Puerh tea can burn up to 157% more fat compared to the same quantity of green tea does. Three or two cups of Puerh tea every day can help shed a couple more stubborn pounds of fat that you don’t desire.
    In modern medical science, obesity doesn't simply mean being overweight. More accurately, obesity means an "excessive buildup of fat in the human body. The emphasis of the meaning of obesity is the level of fat within the body has raised beyond its normal range measured by industrial standards that are scientific.
    In ascertaining the thermogenic effect of Puerh tea scientists, medical researchers and health care professionals have conducted numerous studies lately. The results revealing the relationship between weight loss and Puerh tea drinking happen to be startling. Some of fascinating statistics and chief benefits are as following:
    1. The polyphenols in Puerh tea can efficiently block the absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol by over 50%. Researchers at the The University of Tokushima did the result and also a clinical case study revealed that subjects who drank Puerh tea three times a day with meals absorbed only half the quantity of cholesterol and dietary fat than those who failed to drink the tea.
    2. Your fat burning ability can be increased by drinking Puerh tea by 12% on the average. Scientists in the University of Tokushima found the customers in his study control group increased their fat burning speed by 12% and raised calories burned off by 3.4% by drinking Puerh tea during his experimental period of time.
    3. Drinking Puerh tea helps reduce stomach fat in a manner that is safe. After a few tests and clinical studies, researchers from the Teikyo University School of Medicine made a conclusion the catechins in Puerh tea helped reduce abdominal fat without reducing or influencing the absorbtion of fat-soluble vitamins. That means that Puerh tea drinking is a natural, информация and safe solution to slim down, not like some other weight loss processes related to particular unwanted effects.
    4. Puerh tea is for fostering the metabolism 250% more effective than green tea does. Researchers In The Tokushima School of Medicine found that energy consumption increased by 10% from drinking green tea while just 4% of enery consumption increase was achieved.
    5. Puerh tea drinking helps prevent even you eat a high-fat diet. Researchers at Ehime School of Medicine gave the topics Puerh tea to drink through the evaluation procedure. The result showed that fat burning speed was increased by the subjects while reducing the body's absorption of lipids, despite the fact that the subjects were permitted to carry on to eat high fat diet on the standard basis.